Sunday, August 20, 2006

Iranian missile test

In The Name Of God

Well, as you know these days our world is little bit free of killing and violence! i mean no more killing between Hizballah and Israeli Army. To be honest Hizballah has done a great job so far, i mean fighting with 4th strongest classical army in hte world which has best technology in the world (American) and also very professional special forces who are experienced in un-organised wars is very very hard. Now add to it very limited millitary equipments of Hizballah you will understand that how bravely Lebanis had fought. Disigard of all this, i do not think Israeli army used all what they have. I mean they really did not want to fuck up hizballah! yes they did not, no becuase they did not want, but becasue they were not allowed to used what ever they have due of some important political considerations. I do not mean bull shits like human right but indeed, its Arab neibours!!!. just look at what American army have done so far at Fallujah in Iraq and Tora-Bura in Afhanistan. Massive and huge range of distruction in country with size of Lebanon which is very small indeed and has not a long distance from its other neibours will highly cost for Israel and America. That is why you did not see B-52s and oversize Israeli missiles. Israeli army becasue of all that i have mntioned so far had been forced to use its special forces and armours like Mirkavi tanks and artillary power. so they pushed their men in groud of Lebanon and this was what hizballah fancy! means asymmetric war. but after this bloody dirty war Iranian Army decided to do a massive Army show which is called ''Zolfaghar''. They managed to test one of Iranian most modern Short range missiles. For more information click here.



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