Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Compostite-part 1

In The Name Of God

As all know aircrafts must be made by some specific materials. Therefore the knowledge and science of materials and material mechanic is of great importance and consideration. By looking very briefly to the aircraft history you can see how engineers tend to change the materials of various parts of aircrafts or ant air vehicle. There are many factors to choose or make an aircraft materials. Very importance ones are strength, weight, flexibility, low cost and be easy to mass production. So at the first days of aircraft production wood was used. Wood is cheap, very easy to reshape and change, very light and easy to obtain. That was the main reason it was involved in manufacturing many parts of aircraft until the end of WWI. Since aircraft designers tend to make faster, heavier and bigger aircrafts, wood was found very in-effective. Therefore engineers tend to use metallic materials like steel, Aluminium and titanium.
These materials are much heavier and are more expensive than wood. Also they need very complex machinery equipments to make and on top of all these they brought a special knowledge and course of aeronautical and mechanical engineering which is called ‘‘Structure and Stress analysis’’, which is the scientific way of testing and designing materials for use of mechanical purposes.


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