Friday, July 21, 2006

Addressing Iranian Missiles

In The Name Of God

Today i want to make a list of what iranian millitary containes in term of missiles, this is indeed due to current middle east crisis at Lebanon and Israil.
USA and Israilies claims that hezballah uses Iranian made missiles which to be honest they are absoloutley right!!.
misilles like Fajr, Raad, Zelzal, Adiat or UAV liek mohajer-4 are well known iranian made missiles and aircraft. For more detailed information please click here.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lebanon crisis

In The Name Of God

these days Lebanon is burning in the fire of israili army and also israili civilians have very bad days. well as persians says : on fight no body give you sweeti!
but this crisis is very interesting for me form its Aeronautical poit of view! because most of the attacks which have been carried out by both sids so fars was in terms of misiles and aircraft strikes. Israili army almost fuck up most of Beirut and south of Lebanon by thier very sophisticated F-16 and also by use of their clever millitary sattelites and also Hezballah hit city of Haifa by thier Iranian made ''Fajr'' missiles and also they managed to bitch israili boat by again Iranian UAV mohajer-4


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

North Korean Missiles

In The Name Of God

North Korean missile technology is a heritage of Great soviet union red army missile systems , same as China and Iran. Becasue of the closed governing system of Communist party of country there are not a lot of information about their real missiles developments and system but from their late missile tests it became clear that they have very good and accurate short and even medium range missiles with solid fuel which can target any American millitary base on far east and Japan. But North Korean missile ambitious is much more than that and also their capability is very high to develope long rane accurate missiles which can carry nuclear head and target USA. Today missile test was evidence of that and disregard of their Unseccesful effort they will develope a very good missiles on short future. to know more about this long range missile please click here.

Shuttle Discovery

In The Name Of God

Shuttle Dscovery is perhaps one of the most successful air-space vehicle of present century which ahs done so many importnat job on space technology field. For more information please click here.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Iranian missile challeng!

In The Name Of God

well you need to know persian to read it! it is a very good article about iranian-american missile chalenge. To read it please click here.