Sunday, June 18, 2006

My other apects of life-1

In The Name Of God

Well, I suppose as the name of my blog says, I have to speak only about the aerospace but actually as you know every human been has multi aspects! Which means obviously I have other opinions about other things like politics, religion, fashion, culture and so on. Today I want to speak about shia. My picture speaks behalf of me!

Actually I do not want to make my nice blog a place for political debates but sometimes I think it is essential to say something about what i believe are important and one of those things is Shiasim. Revolutionary aspect of Islam or modern thought of Islam, whatever you call it, it is indeed a true Islam! I know our sonni Muslim friends can not digest it! Well this is a reality. We as a shia have relatively small quantity but definitely high quality! Think about it with regards of Flags!


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