Thursday, June 15, 2006


In The Name Of God

Hello guys! I think it is time to speak about more serious issues of aerospace science. Due to world political confliction raise I prefer to start of by missiles! Missile has fantastic capabilities for carrying very dodgy warhead with it. But actually production of good and accurate high range missile is not very easy task, it needs loads of effort and very good technical support, and of course money! So let’s start from first practical missile which was V2 or A4 a German job!

To be honest it was a fantastic missile! Not just because it was the first missile had been used during the war but also because when fuckin American captured it (plus people who design it!!!) after little bit modification they simply called it X-4 and it was indeed the missile which sent man to the space! for more information about this true historic theft of Russian and American click here.

One the next issue i am going to speak more in detail about what hell missile is.


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