Monday, June 12, 2006

How wing works?

In The Name Of God

hello again!. Well today I am going to speak about something entirely important in term of Aerospace. Actually al the aerospace started from this point that how things can go up or fly? How birds can fly?

Here we need to have very powerful physical and mathematical tools like various fundamental important Fluid mechanics laws and also very sophisticated mathematical principles to explain this physical fact in term of engineering language. But because it took more than four bloody boring years for me to understand them i am going to mention them very briefly. Most essential part of birds (aircraft) which makes them fly is WING. by analysing wing we can see that when it moves trough a fluid (in our case air) there will be circulation of air around it. This air circulation around the wing will generate imbalance pressure ratio on the wing which means it makes high pressure below and low pressure on the top of the wing.

Because always air and any other fluid moves in the direction of high to low, so there will be a net force creation result of this fabulous pressure ratio on the wing which makes wing and as result air vehicle goes up!!
Yes I know it sounds dead simple but in fact took several centuries to be discovered and after become applicable by fuckin humans!


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