Friday, June 16, 2006

how good are iranian missiles?

In The Name Of God

Today every body speak about iranian nuclear threat, which obviousley is rubish! especially when Pakistan and Israile actually have a lot of these weapones and USA is far ahead in term of this ''threat'' from Iranian side.
But very important thing which most of people do not know it or never realis it is, in fact, nuclear bomb is dangerous only when you can carry it whith ''something'' and hit it to target. At the end of WWII that ''something'' was an American Bomber. but every body know these days Bomber can not fly by themselves whithout support of fighters and hit the target, so we have to use missile to do this job. therefore iranian missiles have to be capeable o carryng nuclear bomb and say hit Israil. A key question therefore arise here, Are Iranian Missile that good? let's see.


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