Wednesday, June 07, 2006


In The Name Of God

Hello every body! First of all I have to apologies for my late because of the fuckin exams which I had! Well as it was stated before i have to talk about communication and aerospace technology relationship. Let start form very popular event like football world cup in Germany which all the people all around this dirty world love to see it! Specially those 32 countries which are in world cup. Perhaps most of you know how all these stupid matches are going to be broadcast from Germany. The answer is SATELLITE. Satellite technology which indeed is one of the most new, advanced and very expensive technologies in the world can provide us very good facility for broadcasting regards. Better satellite means better communication. But how we can have better satellite?
To be honest with you, satellite by its own is more explained by electronic and computer field engineers and analysers rather than aerospace!!! Which means aerospace guys are not concern about how to make a satellite but we are concern how to send a satellite to space in its best efficient way (obviously means money!). Design and production of satellite launchers and its control equipment is a big story and how to send it and keep it on perfect position is another story.


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