Sunday, May 28, 2006

Importance of an Aerspace: Transport

In The Name of God

Ok guys! Today I am going to discuss the importance of aerospace technology from transport perspective. All of us know nowadays how easy is travelling from middle east to western Europe or form America to south of Africa. All that is simply done by massive airliners like Boeing or Airbus .theses sophisticated airliners are able to carry more than 200 passengers and loads of belongings without stop form one point to other point on the earth. But the importance of transport is not only limited to the travelling between countries or cities. You can carry loads of heavy stuff by aircrafts like C-130 without harming them compared to ships or trains. Also we are using light and so called multi-use aircraft for emergency purposes like air-ambulance, which make you able to have very modern operational room inside the aircraft to carry a patient as soon as possible to the safe place or more sophisticated hospitals.

The best example of this was disaster of earth-quick of Bam on central Iran which because of Bam airport many huge aid and military aircrafts managed to land over and city and reduce the degree of disaster.


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